HealthHG is HackerAgency’s dedicated Health Insurance Marketing response team. We deliver winning solutions for both the physical and digital worlds.

We’re poised and ready to take on the challenges of the rapidly-changing health insurance industry. We measure success based on each client’s ROI. To learn more about our results-oriented approach, contact us.

Our approach? See how we think about every individual in your market.

Strategy delivers results. It’s in the work.

Strategy delivers results.
It’s in the work

Acquisition :: Medicare

When your marketing is limited to a 9-week period each year, optimized performance is of the utmost importance. That’s where HealthHG’s years of experience really pay off. Our focus on strategies, tactics and results let us deliver year over year improved market targeting — in some cases up to 54% more responses. There’s definitely an art to that.

Medicare marketing is an art unto itself. HealthHG knows the canvas.


Age-In Marketing :: Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan

Traditional age-in marketing is a thing of the past. What’s relevant to one consumer may not be to another. Understanding exactly where your prospects “are at” — retiring early, at 65 or still working — can lead to winning strategies. Determining what’s relevant to your target audience — before investing marketing dollars — can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Prospects need to make careful choices to achieve their goals. So do insurance marketers.


Content Marketing :: Regence

With ongoing health care reform initiatives, there’s a lot of confusion in the marketplace. That’s why the HealthHG Team stays current on the changes that matter most to members and prospects alike. It’s how we keep a consumer-centric perspective. Providing targeted leads the information they need and value — not just sales materials — goes a long way in narrowing their consideration set.

If you’re not delivering relevant content, your competition is.


State Sponsored :: EmblemHealth

The target audience is often elusive. That’s where a hybrid approach — creating awareness and driving engagement across multiple channels — can work wonders. New media like online display ads and response capture microsites paired with traditional mass media and one-to-one direct mail, can achieve results that no one medium could ever hope to deliver on its own.

Measurable. Multichannel. Marketing. Find your targets where they live, work and play.


Retention :: Highmark Senior Markets

Member retention is more important than ever. It’s not a single conversation. It’s an ongoing dialog that allows marketers to engage members, and, in turn, provide them with the information they need to stay healthy (and happy with their current provider). What have you done for your members lately? They’re paying attention like never before.

Retention is more valuable than acquisition. Success is in the dialog.


Sales Alignment :: Highmark Senior Markets

AEP provides a brief window to get hand raisers the information they need. Leveraging every conversion opportunity is key. Informational seminars. Personal meetings. Phone consultations. And more. It’s all about providing the right information at the right time while tracking all leads through the sales channel. That’s how qualified leads are identified and sold. That’s sales alignment.

To be effective, your marketing objectives must sync with your sales goals.


Insurance marketing is a team sport. Meet our key players.

Insurance marketing is a team sport. Meet our key players

Tom Reid :: Executive Director

Now more than ever, content is king with regard to acquiring and maintaining customer relationships.

On skis, in hiking boots or atop his mountain bike, Tom is always on the lookout for the big next opportunity. He's our in-house visionary for all things health insurance related. Whether leading the creation of HealthHG's Marketing History Database or defining strategies that meet our client's unique objective, Tom is always up for a worthy challenge.


Michael Goerz :: Account Director

A fully-integrated plan — offline and online — leads to faster conversions. And it’s all Measurable.

In the digital marketing space, Michael is our Jedi Master. With laser-like precision, he builds multiple-sales channels that drive sustainable sales for our clients. He loves nothing more than bringing ideas to life. Outside of work, this entails planning the next big adventure with his family. At work, it's about approaching each new project with the next big idea top of mind.


Paul Ford :: Associate Creative Director

Turn everything to your advantage — regulatory details, timing, data, content — everything.

We like to think that Paul was born with inexhaustible enthusiasm. Or is it his superhuman intake of Seattle coffee? Whether he’s on a long-distance bike ride, chasing his kids around the woods or creating award-winning creative, he pursues his passions with huge gusto. That could explain his spirited mastery of tone, content, brand and persuasion. Or is it that Seattle coffee?


Debbie Smith :: SENIOR Account Manager

Medicare marketers who create their own opportunities will come out on top in the age of healthcare reform.

Ask Debbie about her alma mater and she’s likely to mention UCLA’s 108 national team championships. A proud devotee of coach John Wooden’s "Pyramid of Success," she displays a keen sense of team spirit and drive for competitive greatness. Debbie’s leadership experience building integrated multimedia campaigns has helped our clients achieve winning results in today’s challenging health insurance market.


Jame Boyd :: Data Architect

A clear view of your prospect universe provides the best opportunity to accurately assess your results.

When it comes to data, Jame is HealthHG’s lead investigator. He has the uncanny ability to make numbers talk, share meaning and reveal truths. Bringing order to the complex gives health insurers the clarity needed to compete in an increasingly transparent market. With Jame on the case, rest assured that your data will say more than you ever thought possible.


Emily Bayer :: Account Executive

Keeping members and prospects engaged across sales channels is all about coordination.

Emily’s unwavering flexibility provides our clients the "inner peace" that comes with winning results. She’s always willing to make the extra effort to reach her goals. Literally. Making time for yoga classes up to four times a week keeps her in position to react to the fast-moving changes of the insurance marketing landscape. No matter the challenge — CMS updates, microsite revisions, meeting deadlines — Emily always manages to keep everything in balance.


Kira Hendrickson :: Account Executive

To find the right marketing mix, Never be afraid to learn as you grow.

Kira’s fearless nature is living proof that there’s an adventure-seeker within the heart of every successful insurance marketer. She thrives on new experiences — exploring Machu Picchu, lunching at Seattle’s hottest food trucks or taking on the latest round of health insurance regulations. Charting new ground is something Kira takes in stride by refining strategy, pushing digital work — even developing the website you’re looking at right now.


Stacy Kaneshiro :: Team Lead, Project Manager

Multi-channel campaigns have lots of moving parts. The key is having the right plan and working it relentlessly.

Stacy’s multitasking is legendary among her friends, coworkers and clients. From planning amazing family vacations to tracking all the details that abound in health care marketing, she can juggle endless projects without missing a beat. And because she always knows what to do next — today, next week or next month — Stacy manages budgets, deliverables, deadlines and specs with a cool efficiency that benefits her clients and colleagues alike.


Kelly Sellars :: Data Processing Specialist

There are many ways to measure success. But results are fueled by numbers.

Kelly loves to run in numbers — riding the Cascades with her motorcycle meet-up group on weekends or revving up to put thousands of records to work for our clients. She maneuvers the ins and outs of HealthHG’s Marketing History Database with hairpin precision — finding new efficiencies and ensuring all is running smoothly. When it comes to running the numbers that matter most to health insurance marketers, Kelly leads the pack.


Meredith Steiner :: Account Manager

Success comes from identifying the perfect balance between performance and the operational realities of our clients.

Meredith is a little bit obsessed with learning. OK, a lot. She has a true passion for figuring things out. How to train an Australian cattle dog? Ask Meredith. Want to learn about the intricacies of pickling? She’s got you covered. Meredith’s inexhaustible ability to apply learnings to real-life situations gives her clients an edge in an increasingly complex health insurance marketplace. Need a solution that syncs business demands and operational realities? You really need to talk to Meredith.


Data goes through a lot of rigors at HackerAgency — none so important as the initial handoff from our clients.

Remember your first day at work? It’s like that.

Before data is ever put to use it goes through an exacting orientation process. Contracts are signed, audits are completed, goals are established and expectations are set. Of course, being good hosts, we provide client data with a safe place — a secure environment where no one will disturb it until it’s time to go to work. And yes, keeping data comfy does require our compliance with the industry’s highest standards of security protocols, including ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Why take all this care? Health insurance marketing is complex enough — the sooner we put data to work, the sooner we can achieve our clients’ goals. Given the current climate of change in the health care industry, there isn’t a moment to lose. And, well, we really do love data here. That’s where results come from.

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